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First salmon of the year

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Day before yesterday my cousin phoned to invite me to go salmon fishing at 3:30 the next morning, yesterday.  It was opening day of salmon season.

Hazy day with clouds over the mountains and we fished an underwater plateau mile or more offshore, not much scenery and I didn't think to take any pics till a fish biologist was checking our fish at the boat ramp.  I landed an 8 pound Chinook, shown on the table (photo above) as they measured and took a scale.

My two cousins landed one each, another 8 pounder and a 12 lb., below.   

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Fishing was slow overall, few fish caught among the 50 or so boats out that we kept tabs on via visual and cell phone to other fishermen.  We were a little snake bit, in that we hooked and played 11 salmon and only got three in the boat.  Of those, I hooked and played 7 fish and only landed one.  Barbless hooks, natch, but mostly poor luck.

I had the hot hand, but they had me trying a new lure.  One of the cousins designs and markets salmon lures. As it got light and we started fishing, he handed me one of his jigs with a new glow in the dark finish.  It obviously worked. 

Grilled on the barbie last evening, with kids and grandkids joining us for supper.  Wow.  I had forgotten how good fresh grilled salmon is.


Hawks Feather:
Nice work.  I am not a big 'fish' eater, but there is nothing like fresh salmon to make my mouth water.

I love Salmon.
Whats all the accountants doing there?


--- Quote from: FinsnFur on July 06, 2020, 09:30:24 PM ---I love Salmon.
Whats all the accountants doing there?

--- End quote ---

They note down the number of boats and salmon caught, species, and measure length, girth and take a scale sample from each fish.

  Next year they use those numbers and fish scales to reduce our fishing season, increase license costs, etc.  It is a perfect system.   :huh: They are not wardens or fish cops state or federal, but biologists, often students with a summer job to count fish and fishermen.  This time the guy in charge had some grey hair though his girl helper seemed college age.


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