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Started by Coyotes-R-Us, August 20, 2020, 04:07:56 PM

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I received my two sandhill crane tags in the snail mail today very exciting.
There way fun to hunt and great eating.
Still waiting on the swan tag, I got the draw just not the "Tag" yet.
Their fun to hunt, can't say the same about the eating part.
If you smoke them and you can eat them.
Crane is NOTHING like eating waterfowl.
Both are gigantic birds. The boy got a trumpeter one year with an 81" wingspan.
And yes we can shoot both types of swan with the permit.
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Never ever legally shot either but agree they are big birds.
Have fun.
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My brother got a sandhill crane once. Said it was tasty. Sandhills migrate south the end of September and early October through Colorado. You can hear them trilling as they go over by the thousands. Spooky birds, so good luck on the hunt.


Plenty here also.  Had it once and didn't particularly care for it. 
When they come for mine they better bring theirs

Hawks Feather

Good luck with your hunts.  They are BIG birds!


They are out on the Islands here on the Mississippi River. had a friend tell me that him and his mother used to count the pairs while out in the boat, and that they were edible. The steak in the sky he says. :laf:
I've never tried it.
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old is the new young