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Guess what...yep, we are upgrading our server again.

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It's been a few years and I rode it out as long as I feel comfortable doing so. Our current server is reaching it's EOL (End Of Life) at the end of November. At which time they will no longer issue updates and upgrades for, due to the aging operating system.
That coupled with client sites putting out higher demands and using more dick space, an upgrade is only logical.
Anyway...were not new to this right? The server is currently being built by the data center and I will be able to give a migration time and date once that is complete. In the main time I have some homework to do to make sure client sites will be compatible with the servers new software and a lot of wood to split out back :eyebrow:

Hawks Feather:
Thanks for doing this.  I know other sites have fund raisers for their server every year and you have never done it at all.

Good luck with your homework on your day off from the daily grind called - WORK that pays.

 I tipped my server last night even though the service was not exemplary  :innocentwhistle:

Hawks Feather:

--- Quote from: nastygunz on October 31, 2020, 11:17:32 AM --- I tipped my server last night even though the service was not exemplary  :innocentwhistle:

--- End quote ---

If you wife catches you with your tip in the server you will wish that it had been exemplary.   :innocentwhistle:

Words to live by!... Wait, how did we get sidetracked  :innocentwhistle:


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