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Ohio-- April 24th thru May 23rd for the South zone. May 1st thru May 30th for the North zone. Youth is April 17th & 18th.

I just need my turkey tags and I'm all set. I'm thinking about hunting a different WMA this year. This one is considerably larger and has more pressure from what I've heard over the years around here. Could be a whole new challenge.  :yoyo:

Anybody else make their Spring plans yet?  :eyebrow:

Im hittin VT and NH this year, cant wait!

Todd Rahm:
April 4- May 17 here in Tennessee I think. Never turkey hunted in my life, and so far no mentor. So I’ll try to “wing” it.  :laf:

TomTalker sent me a box call from Canada, and Steve Steffy of North Bay Game Calls hooked me up with a couple of nice turkey calls too. (I need to learn how to post pics again.)

Supposedly I’m butted up against a 5000-7000 acre state hunting area.

 When I first started turkey hunting they told me to set a box of stove top stuffing out in front of me about 20 yards, hope that helps you get going.  :yoyo: :innocentwhistle: What are you shooting for a turkey cannon?

Todd Rahm:
I have a Mossberg 835 and a Berretta A300 Outlander (I think? Won it but never shot it yet.)


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