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 Here is my three turkey hunting shotguns that I use, all in 12 Gauge:

Stoeger M2000 with factory turkey choke.
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 I am going to bet that most of you have never seen or heard of this gun. It is a Mossberg SSI-1 12 gauge,  it has the exact same barrel and choke as the Mossberg 835.  I either use the stock Mossberg turkey choke or a Primos jelly head maximum choke. Beautiful gun with parkerized metal and black walnut wood.
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This ol warrior  is my main turkey hunting gun for about 25 years. Mossberg 835 with Knoxx Specops stock and Primos Jellyhead Maximum choke.  It shoots a wicked pattern with just about anything.  The last few years  I have been using Longbeard XR #6 in both 3 and 3/1/2 inch.
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I am not a turkey hunter but if'n I was I would surely be needing that Mossberg SSI-1 12 GA.  Did they chamber it in anything other than 12 gauge?

Your right, I've never seen that Mossberg SSI-1 That's a looker! :yoyo:

 I had never heard of one either and happened to run across it in the gun rack at a little old country gun shop one day got it for a song and went home and researched it and found out it is pretty rare and goes for a pretty good dollar nowadays if you can find one. I have never been successful at finding any other barrels for it For sale.

The Mossberg SSI-One Is A Single-Shot Firearm...

(SSI stands for “Single Shot Interchangeable”) with a novel concept.It is a gun that can have multiple barrels with only one receiver. Well, it is not actually a novel idea, as Thompson Center had already done this, and with a lot better success, than this Mossberg.

Some say this rifle was designed to compete with the Ruger #1. At first glance, this rifle does look a little like the Ruger, with its lever placed under the trigger guard. The lever operates the opening/breaking of the barrel.

Pull the lever down, and the barrel breaks open. The Mossberg SSI came about in the late 1990s and was probably designed to compete with the T/C line, but, for whatever reason, it never shared the success of the T/C line.

This rifle/shotgun series was offered in several rifle barrels and two shotgun barrels that were interchangeable by the user with no factory modifications or special fitting needed.

Each of the following barrels came with its own wooden forend: .223 sporting (tapered) or heavy barrel, .22-250 sporting (tapered) or heavy barrel, .243 sporting barrel only, .270 sporting barrel only, .308 sporting barrel only, .30-06 sporting barrel only.

And the shotgun barrels include: rifled barrel ported, 12-gauge, slug gun for deer hunters and a turkey-choked 12-gauge for those after “Mr. Tom.” Both 12-gauge offerings are chambered to take 2-3/4-, 3- and 3-1/2-inch shells. The turkey barrel has a 12-gauge chamber with a 10-gauge bore to allow the shot to expand in the bore, then get choked down to 12-gauge as it leaves the barrel. This is supposed to give you tighter patterns at long ranges.

The shotguns were offered with walnut or Mossy Oak camo-finished stocks and forends. The weaver-style scope bases on the shotguns were welded to the barrel. This was probably done to prevent the recoil from shaking the mounts loose.

I was torn between the Stoeger & the CZ712 I bought. I liked the wood on the CZ. Personally I feel camo on everything is a way to jump the price $100. The idea over time has been to shoot them before they see you & the Realtree camo inventor said camo works best when in the shade. So I set in the shade with my wood & blue shotguns. lol Nice collection of beard busters for sure!!


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