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Strong winds yesterday, very rough water but we limited our boat and released a bunch.  Bruised and happy.

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Small salmon this year by historical measure, but we are grateful to be catching any.  The biggest one in the box above is 16 lbs. and the rest ran from 10 to 7 lbs.  As we got close to a boat limit we released several around ten pounds hoping for bigger.

Wind warnings were out and not a single boat other than ours was at the boat ramp at 4:30 AM.  We waited till after sunrise, looked over the water and thought we could get some uncomfortable fishing right along the beach just outside the harbor point.  We started catching fish and the water gradually calmed a bit till finally about noon we made it out to an underwater hump a mile offshore.  By then a total of 8 boats were in sight within a mile or two.  Usually there are 200 boats in the same water.

We got into a hot bite around 10 and had two doubles and one triple hook up, with three salmon on at once.  Four of us were in the boat fishing yesterday, almost crowded but OK if all know how to fish. 

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FWIW, in our boat when one man hooks a fish, the others keep fishing rather than reel in.  Like many kinds of fish, other salmon often follow and get excited when one is fighting a hook and they are more likely to grab any nearby lure.  Lines crossed are usually easy to uncross and the increased odds of hooking another salmon are well worth the low risk of a problem.   For me, anyway.


Yall r slammin salmon :biggrin:

Rough water is great  :yoyo:

especially if ya take yer girlfriend out for a ride. :highclap: :highclap:


You always make it sound easy, but I ain't fooled. :nofgr:


--- Quote from: pitw on July 15, 2021, 07:33:05 PM ---
You always make it sound easy, but I ain't fooled. :nofgr:

--- End quote ---

It ain't easy but it ain't me.  These cousins I fish with are the two best salmon fishermen I've ever heard of.  A lot of knowledge plus a lot of big and little details done well add up to catching a lot more fish. We get skunked sometimes, but not often.

 Day before yesterday out of at least 150 boats, the biologist who checks fish said that one other boat had a limit, one boat had three and a couple of dozen more fish were scattered through the other 145 or so boats.

A typical time fishing with them several years ago we came in with a boat limit of Chinook between 20 and 26 lbs. hidden on the boat where no one would see them.  The surprised biologist told us he had checked 104 boats that had a total of 3 Coho among them, no Chinooks. 

I fished the Kenai River in Alaska in 1984 with these two when one lived up there.  Within 3 days, some guides were following us and radioing each other about what we were doing.  I gotta admit it is fun to fish with them.  I don't do nearly as well when I go in someone else's boat.

‘Nother story about these salmon fishermen.  When their Dad was alive I would come down from Canada and fish with them when visiting family.  One morning I counted 52 boats trying to fish the same spot.  The old man scanned around the boats, pointed and said, “That boat will catch fish, that boat next to it will catch fish… and the rest are tourists.”  The whole fleet caught 20 fish, and we caught 11 of them.  The two boats he had pointed out caught most of the rest, including a 44  lb.

Another morning we ended with a double, which put us one over our boat limit.  Mine was about 22 lbs. and my cousin’s fish went 26, so we kept it.  The old man looked around and picked the boat he thought was least likely to catch a fish, a young couple with a little boy and totally wrong gear for salmon.  We edged over to them and asked if they would like a salmon…  I think the statute of limitations has run out on that infraction of catching a fish for someone else. 


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