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Did anyone notice the little private message feature that came with our RC3 upgrade?  :biggrin:

You can save your messages in folders so that if you ARE saving a bunch you don't have to sift through them every time your in there. Or to organize your messages from certain people for whatever reasons.

How do you use it?  :huh:...Well....I'm glad you asked  :biggrin:

1- Go to your private messages via your profile,... or click on "messages" up top the forums here where it says "Hey" and then your user name.

2- In the upper right hand corner of your private messages page, you'll see this;
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Just click on "Manage Labels".

3- Once you click "Manage Labels" will see this;
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Simply type in the name of your new folder and click on "add new label". You can make as many as you like.

4- Once you make a new folder it will show up in the upper right corner of your private messages page under "labels", like this;
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When you go back to your private messages you can navigate through those folders by clicking their names here.

5 - Now how to get messages INTO those folders.
When your reading a private message, you will see a new drop down menu in the lower right hand corner of that message that looks like this;
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Simple click on the drop down menu.

6 - Once you do that you will see the labels of all your folders. Click on one and the message will instantly be moved to that folder.
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Enjoy  :yoyo:
Anyone has any problems or questions......plea se post them in the Forum issues and questions forum. I'll git ya fixed up  :wink:

Todd Rahm:
Hey super feature!!!!!!!!! :yoyo:

There's been some adjustments made to this feature.
It seems as though previously, even if you changed the label of a message it still kept a copy in your "inbox".

  :confused: Not much good that way, I dont know about you guys but I want to be able to sort the ones I keep.

I adjusted the modification this morning, so NOW when you change the label of a message it no longer appears in your "inbox" also.

But it added an option in your profile that you need to place a check by if you want it to take effect.
Click on visitors can't see pics , please register or login
 and then inside your profile click on Personal Message Options

You'll see near the bottom now where it says "Remove the inbox label when applying another label" a check in that box.

How the feature works now
For example, in my private messages, I made a label called phone numbers and labeled all my PM's that have a phone number, with it. Now when I go to my PM's I can either look at the "inbox" or the "phone numbers" and they are completely sorted and in there own folder.

If you attempted this before, like i said it still left a copy in your "inbox" which was confusing and useless. You
WILL have to RE-label your messages once you activate this feature so that they move to the folder you want them to.

  :whew: I feel like a computer GEEK!  :huh:

If anyone has any questions or problems using or understanding the feature....don't hesitate to ask.  :biggrin:


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