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There's seems to be a group of individuals from Latvia, where ever the hell that is :confused: hacking SMF forums these last few weeks.
Doin some reading over on the developers forum last night, and they have hit over a 100 forums so far, completely disabling most of them and embedding viruses in others.
The entrance they have turned into an exploit, is the ability to upload avatars, and attachements.

For those of you that dont know, malicious code CAN be embedded into image files. Some people think it's ok to open an email with an unkown image on it from an unknown sender as long as there's no other type of file attached to the email. That always been a bunch of horseshit. Embedding code into an image is easy.

For the sake of our forum, I have disabled the ability to upload avatars, attachments, and use of the shoutbox, and our Photogallery, to anyone with under 100 posts.

If we can't weed em out before 100 posts, then they're better then we are. :doh2:

Hawks Feather:
Sure sounds like a good idea to me.  Thanks for looking out for us Mr. Technological. 


They had some bad code uploaded over at Photobucket not too long ago.  The code tried to get you to click on Antivirus 2009. That is one nasty program.  :nono:  It is a scareware program that takes over your computer until you pay a "ransom" to the azzholes who wrote the program.   :mad2:  My sister had it on her computer and I ended up having to reformat the hard drive and start over.  Very bad stuff. 

Latvia is over by Russia on the Baltic Sea if I remember correctly.  It is filled with azzholes.   :eyebrownod:

When I was younger and computers were just begening to catch on at home there were two types of people in my school. One kind was really into computers and I mean really into computers. Some of those people really stepped up to the plate and a few of them are making big money now wrighting programs and developing software and things like that. The other group discovered smoking pot.  When I think back the tech guys were jerks and azzholes and the pot heads were laid back easy going people. Need I say more?

Good idea on the lockdown. Theres a lot of bots out there that really can screw with ya. The 100 post rule should help keep it safe.

Had one setting out there waiting for his account to be activated from Pakistan, tonight.
Should we let him in? :innocentwhistle:


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