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Firearms / Re: I must have one!
« Last post by riverboss on Today at 05:25:18 PM »
That looks like fun for sure! I love that old school camo on the one in the pic  with the new TSS shells I bet it fun.

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Non Hunting/Fishing Photos / Re: Work project
« Last post by riverboss on Today at 05:17:29 PM »
Well got it un taped and out of the paint room, not much buffing to do just a few specks of dust here and there.visitors can't see pics , please register or login
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

I hope to get on the bed tomorrow, but got another insurance job waiting.
There's a tone of stuff still left to do.

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The Tailgate / Re: "Farewell to England" is America Next?
« Last post by bambam on Today at 04:50:49 PM »
Read this carefully ;  " the koran is above our Constitution " ……………...

Rasida Tlaib swore in on a Koran as a new Congresswoman from eastern Michigan (MI-13 DETROIT). She said it was Jefferson’s Koran.  It was; however, Jefferson abhorred Islam.  He called it a barbaric religion/ way of life and wanted the American people and congress to know what we were up against.
Jefferson and Adams met with an Imam in England because right after we became a nation, they started taking our ships, enslaving our sailors and demand booty for their return.  We’ve been at war with Islam since America’s beginning. We were paying a huge portion of our budget to the Muslims in Tripoli. The imam said he had the right to do whatever he wished to the infidels and would continue because the Koran gave him that right.
Adams and Jefferson returned and Jefferson had 200 copies of the Koran made to demonstrate how barbaric and anathema to our constitution Islam was. As a result, we got our first Navy and Marine corp.
It took several years to defeat them but it’s memory is etched in the marine anthem ( from the shores of Tripoli).The Koran and Sunna states that Sharia supersedes all nations laws, including our constitution. When she swore in on the Koran, she is saying that the Koran is above our constitution. No true Muslim can swear to defend our constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic because they don’t believe it’s worth saving, but sharia is. 
The enemy is within and Tlaib is part of the plan devised by the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy America from within ( see the HolyLand Foundation Trials). It’s called civilization jihad. The Koran and Sunna demand that they immigrate into non-Muslim countries, multiply, get involved in schools and government and gradually take it for Islam. They use deception and lies (taqiyya) and immigration (Hijrah) to accomplish their goals. She has deceived many by making people think Jefferson liked the Koran, he hated it and so should we.
The enemy is within and she is it.


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Big Game / Re: Got a new one.
« Last post by HaMeR on Today at 03:53:40 PM »
Dang!! Thems some nice hogs Pat!! You guys done real good!!  :yoyo: :yoyo:
In The News / Re: Dickless sporting goods!
« Last post by HaMeR on Today at 03:47:47 PM »
I hate to see the jobs disappear but they brought everything on themselves. I hope those folks can all find work.
The Tailgate / Re: What is this? 3-17
« Last post by HaMeR on Today at 03:45:20 PM »
Dad used one of those so I knew when I seen it. Way to go Jerry Brittanica!!  :laf: :laf:
Big Game / Re: Got a new one.
« Last post by coyote101 on Today at 03:08:32 PM »
Pat did that hog run a distance after you shot it, how about terminal ballistics?


The hog ran about seventy-five yards before going down. I was using Barnes 110 grain VOR-TX ammo. The bullets are all copper, and are supposed to expand to near double diameter while retaining most of their weight. The shot was through and through, but the blood trail was minimal. He might have been hard to find in thicker or taller vegetation. 

I shot him about where the yellow dot is just to the left of the feeder. He ran across that little creek and ended up in the field about where the blue arrow is. (The dark spot near there is just a shadow of a depression in the field) The dark spot under the yellow arrow is a big sow that my friend Kenny shot the night before the picture was taken.
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Here is a closer look at that big sow. She tipped the scales at close to 230 pounds,
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

The Tailgate / Re: Tip of the day
« Last post by bambam on Today at 02:21:30 PM »

  The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
The Tailgate / Re: "Farewell to England" is America Next?
« Last post by bambam on Today at 02:18:35 PM »

 And now we are electing them to congress !!   :doh2:
Game Calls / Re: IOCTEC Callers
« Last post by JohnP on Today at 11:02:46 AM »
Thanks for the tip Pat.  I'm going to go with the IOCTEC Gen2 500.   One grandson got my wildlife tech, another my FP Fury, I'll keep my little Scorpion for a backup and use the IOCTEC as a primary.   

I don't normally go out and call to kill from mid-Feb till 1Sep but will give this caller a try once it gets here.  I'll take my camera not my rifle.
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