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Started by FinsnFur, January 08, 2011, 09:29:41 PM

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You can change the looks of your forum "back end" which may make finding things a little easier for you.

Click on the "profile" button which goes to your profile page. By default yours will be set up with tabs on the left and sub menu items under those tabs, which you will see if you run your mouse over them.

If the tabs suck to you, you can get rid of them by clicking the orange arrows on the right side of the page;

Once you do that it lists all your back end menu items in a new menu down the left side.
To put it back using the tabs click the white arrows on the left hand side of the page;

If you think that the new forum colors suck, or it's hard too to read, or your a white supremacist, or it's lame, can change that too.
Click on "Profile" and then "Look and Layout" and then the words "Change" where it says Current theme near the top.

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