Posting Google maps made simple

Started by FinsnFur, February 09, 2013, 09:22:43 AM

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People have been asking how to post a screen shot of a Google Map. You can still use screen captures and save the image, especially if you want to edit it and draw diagrams etc.
If you dont want draw anything on the map or edit the image, I have a Fins and Fur hack that will allow you to post the map effortlessly.

  • Go to google maps and locate the map you want to post
  • Click the "link" button near the right of the map. It looks like a chain link and is right next to the print button
  • The code you need is automatically highlighted. Change nothing. Right click on the highlighted text and then click "copy"
  • Go to your post and click where you want the map to appear. Then right click and this time click on "paste"
  • Your done
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