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"Bad Timing"...

Started by HuntnCarve, August 17, 2016, 07:21:05 AM

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Through the years making calls I always tried to tell a story with the carving.  Just so happens this carving depicts an incident that happened to me.  But I'm sure we can all recall a similar tale.  Such is hunting.  As it turned out, I was on my way to my stand for an evening hunt.  I was a tad late getting to the stand, having spent a few extra minutes chatting it up with an old friend, the farmer and landowner. 
Heading for my hunting spot, I was fifty yards away when I caught a flicker of movement in front of the tree stand.  It was a really nice buck.  He had me busted.  As I watched his bobbing tail vanish through the thick woods, all I could do was smile.  It was still a good day..
I carved this scene on a Cherry grunt call.  Thanks for looking!


Hawks Feather


Great looking call and thanks for the story.  I always enjoy looking at your calls.



Yah the title and story competes the deal :eyebrownod:
Very nice Dave  :congrats:
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Bad timing for,,,  :shrug:

:laf: :laf:  Another wonderful call Dave!! :yoyo: :yoyo:

RIP Russ,Blaine,Darrell

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Very nice Dave.  You even have the steps figured correctly to make it easier to get in the stand!  However, you're pretty much a "ladder only" hunter anymore, aren't you?  Must be an old memory!   :laf:


Dave, it's all about "easy access" now a days. :laf:  Having good friends that set things up beforehand for your pending hunt, is also a bonus. :wink:



Nice piece, and tells a story, which makes it extra nice.

Looking at this and thinking story, you could carve a call with the ancient style cylinder imprint on it.  Some of them were seals of authenticity like a signet ring, but were a cylinder with marks carved in it that would print an impression when rolled across the right surface.  When you roll it across a layer of clay, or put ink on it and then roll it across a piece of paper, it prints a larger picture or sequence of pictures.    A medium sized predator call could have a three panel comic book style sequential story on it!



As a boy I can remember finding a rolling pin with floral carvings on it?  The neighbor said it was for decorating butter after it was churned and partially set up.  That type of carving is called "intaglio" I believe?  It's a reverse kind of carving from the relief carving that I have been known to do. :laf: