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Pink calls

Started by WldWldWest, July 31, 2018, 06:46:55 AM

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 trying to get my girl rigged up on some calls,  got a couple of beautiful calls from North Bay, tried to get Yotehntr up off his lazy rear end to cut me one? :shrug:shrug:
I need some calls with some pink integrated in them what you got??
"Choot...Choot em Jacob!"



Love it!

That's an idea worth stealing!  I gotta get a pink call and lanyard for a couple of my granddaughters.


Well I told Mr Patient there I'd look for some flamed box elder... guess I wasn't fast enough eh?   Well I put these together the color is very hard to show in the pics with photo bucket down.

Yotehntr calls... put something pretty on your lips :wink:


Well mr. "Take your time" I don't reckon you have ever cut a prettier call to be quite honest with you :biggrin:

Maybe you need to hurry up more often :innocentwhistle:
"Choot...Choot em Jacob!"