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Save the wood!

Started by nastygunz, April 23, 2021, 02:58:41 AM

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 I have a few Wood stocked firearms that are so pretty that I hate to take them out hunting for fear of scratching or banging them up.  I solved that problem by covering them with camo wrap which not only camouflages them but also  protects the wood really well.  I find this stuff really handy for all kinds of outdoor things. I cut three or 4 inch strips of the roll and use them to wrap around my fishing rods to hold them together when I have them broken down in the vehicle.

Hawks Feather

I have some stocks like that, but I just covered them with a couple of coats of black epoxy paint.  That way they are protected and when I am out at the range no one is hounding me about selling that rifle with the great stock.


Scratches and dings on my Weatherby's, Sako's, and Winchesters are of no concern to me.  I bought them to use them and use them I do.  Every scratch and ding tells a story and I remember every damn one of them. I have a brand new Weatherby .308 in the safe going on two years old which never had a round fired - yet.  If I can walk this coming fall that rifle will kill a deer. As the saying goes "used but not abused."  Kinda like me
When they come for mine they better bring theirs