A couple of shotgun coyotes

Started by KySongDog, October 22, 2021, 02:47:23 PM

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Called in 4 last Tuesday morning on the first stand. The most ever for me at one time. They hard charged in at 25 yards. Saw me drop the call and pick the gun up off my lap and scattered like quail. Hit one in the ass end but couldn't find it. I was hunting some pretty thick stuff.

I went back to the truck and got more shells. Then went to a different spot and called in this young virgin eared male. Shot him at about 35 yards.

Finally had a chance to get back out this morning. And got another one on the 4th stand. Shot this 29 lb male in the face at 25 yards.


Atta boy Johnny. :highclap:
I never hunted in dense stuff until I came home from the LBL, it works. :wink:
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Wow!  You're really getting after them.  That is very good hunting even in our western country with a lot more coyotes, fabulous for your country, from all I hear.


Congratulations, Johnny!  :yoyo: I have been anxious to get out, but still haven't. I'm going to see if I can get a turkey in the morning, and then may try a little predator calling.  :shrug:

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Wearing them out!  :yoyo:  Great job!
Yotehntr calls... put something pretty on your lips :wink:


FOUR!!? :holdon: They was on a mission! :eyebrow:
Good to hear your getting out Johnny. Keep em coming :eyebrownod:
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Way to go Johnny!! Bustin em up!!  :yoyo: :yoyo:

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