Please read this before setting up an Auction OR replying to one

Started by FinsnFur, July 11, 2007, 10:22:33 PM

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Par for the course...we do not charge for the right to auction an item to our members. But we do have a few guidelines that will be strictly enforced to better the experience for both the bidders and the auctioneers.

All auctions must be posted in this forum.

Please post as much information as you possibly can about the item you are auctioning off.

You may only have one running auction at a time

Items put up for auction on this site MUST NOT be for sale or available through auction on any other site. Items found listed on other sites will be removed, and the auctioneer loses auction rights for 60 days. No question asked.

Replies to an auction must contain a bid. Any reply to an auction that does not contain a bid will be deleted. This is to prevent threads from conspicuously being bumped to the top. If you have a question or a comment about an item, please PM the auctioneer of the item.

No auction will exceed a 5 day span without approval from admin or a moderator. If your auction is going to be run for less then 5 days, please specify.

Please close your auction at the end by thanking the winning a reply type post.

EACH AUCTION thread will be locked 24hrs after bidding has closed. To allow time for congratulatory replies, etc.

Have fun  :wink:

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Edited to add time frame afterwards for non bidding congratulatory replies etc.
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