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Started by Bills Custom Calls, July 21, 2007, 04:59:05 AM

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Bills Custom Calls

This Auction will run till Wed July 25th 9pm EST

This set is made of Birdseye maple and wild oak burl.The lanyard was made by my daughter
I will start the Bid at $35
The price you bid will be the price you pay shipped to your door

I would much rather donate these calls to a worthy cause  then see anyone buy this set to resell

Thanks for looking and Bidding

Home of the Triple Surface Pot Call


Bills Custom Calls

Looks like Bow gets this set

Thank you bow I know your gone for a few but it will be right here when you get back

Home of the Triple Surface Pot Call


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Sweeeeet I  get home and see I won this awesome lookin set ... thanks Bill , however I want you to auction it off again and all proceeds will go to FNF .....

Bill send me a pm where to send you a check and hold the calls till Jim gets the money from the second auction

thanks again