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Most of my life I was an average to fair/middling long range shot. I reached my shooting prime in my mid 40's, some 20yrs ago. Was nary a coyote that got away. Some like them close up, I preferred long shots. As they took more skill. I'm not sure exactly what made that skill? Maybe gut instinct? But it has left me.

Carolina Coyote:
Probably Eyesight, we all start to lose it as we get older.   :laf: cc

I love long range shooting! I found that my short neck has helped alot with shooting expecially shotgun as i dont have the tendency to raise my head off the gun, and it mount my scopes low. But as my eyes arent what the once were im starting to see a difference.

Yeah eyesight may be a part of it? The culprit might be I'm not as sharp at estimating yardage these days.

Back in my day. I was visiting a farmer in side of his house as I ask permission to hunt his rolling open land. As we stood near his large bay window. He was pointing out his land borders. Right then a pr of coyotes popped up out of his creek 400 + yards away. I asked him quickly to hunt his land...sure. I ran towards the door. He said "where you going?" I replied I'm going to kill me a coyote, watch me.

I ran out grabbed my rifle, ran around the back of his house & went prone. Knocked the lead coyote off of the high snow drifted creek bank.

I've made longer shots than that. But their just memories now. No re-winds in life.

Carolina Coyote:
Great story!! I do love the long shot myself, very rewarding but like you I am beginning to see a difference in my ability. cc


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