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Some shooting I did on my range

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Did some shooting the other day at my 200 yard mark. Hard to make out the bell but you can hear it.

10/22 at 200 yards:

I heard it lol :eyebrownod:

Nice...Did I hear a couple of misses in there too? That would be cool to have your own range to shoot on.


Yeah there were a couple misses :sad: . The bell is made from an old SCBA tank that I cut the bottom off and hung from my target stand. That makes the "target" about 6 inches wide by 12 inches tall. A good solid hit makes for a real nice ring. At that distance My 22-250 will punch right through one side and coat the inside of the bell with lead. I am looking for something that will ring and be able to handle heavier calabers.

At 200 yards a CCI mini mag has about 4 feet of drop to it. And a subsonic has even more drop  :eyebrow:

When I bought my place the range possibility was the first thing I noticed. I can go out to 275 yards and then I am going over a hill and can't see the target any more.

Nice range slag! 275 yards is a poke with a 22.

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