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NEW line of Minaska Game Calls
« on: February 16, 2012, 10:36:39 AM »
From the Minaska Owners Forum:

Bandit Series Game Calls - the most rugged, reliable and easy to use remote digital game calls on the market!

We are proud to announce the LONG awaited next generation of Minaska game calls. After more than 3 years of research and development with multiple redesigns along the way we are weeks away from the availability date. We have designed our new board from the ground up and it will be scalable and customizable to fit your specific needs.

We have concentrated on 4 core areas in our new design: durability, battery efficiency, sound quality and volume.

Here is a list of some of the standard features included:
• Supports 24-bit uncompressed wav files, .mp3
• Supports 1000 sounds - Currently we have 10 BANKS of 10 SOUNDS = 100 sounds. We have added one button "TIER'. This allows the user to have 10 TIERS with each tier having 10 BANKS with each bank having 10 SOUNDS
• MO-VOLUME - Volume stepping system (0-9 takes from zero to full volume)
• Supports both SD and Thumb drive memory cards of any size (4GB memory includes)
• MO-REVIEW – when you get home, review the days stands with a print out of every stand you made including: sounds used, decoy usage with volume and speakers were utilized. All information is time stamped and sequential!
• MO-SETS – program your stand before you head out including decoy usage.
• Ability to play multiple sounds at the same time on the fly
• Control over speakers from remote – which sound is playing and volume in each channel
• Digital amplifier that will give you increased battery life and reliability (specs to follow)
• A NEW sound and print utility that will give you full control of everything on your caller including sound editing, mixing and converting
• Units will be sold with an updated version of our current remote. You will be able to purchase a more feature rich remote in the coming months. Units support both remotes.
• Much more to follow for information, specs, availability date etc.

Three new units:

Bandit Elite - This will take the place of the Ultimate ONE and Big Country. It comes standard without the decoy option but can be added at the point of purchase or at anytime installed by the user. This is a dual speaker unit with extreme volume as we are staying with our signature 10W TOA in the front and a new 4" mylar cone speaker in the back standard. We will also be offering this unit with an optional planar tweeter giving the call a frequency response of 315 Hz - 28,000 Hz. This unit includes the 10AA holder standard or 12V SLA kit is available. Unit weighs 5lbs

Bandit AW - This is our original Bandit game call redesigned with a new 4" mylar cone speaker, no external jacks, all holes are sealed and this unit is submersible. It will feature a single speaker and is designed for the hunter that needs excellent volume, unbelievable sound quality, extremely efficient battery life and nearly indestructible while hunting in the harshest of conditions. This unit includes the 10AA holder standard or 12V SLA kit is available. Unit weighs under 3lbs

Bandit M2 - This is the next generation of our M1. It will feature a new mylar cone speaker standard and is available with a planar tweeter as an option. It will fit in your coat pocket and you still have the option of adding an external speaker for increased volume. This unit includes the 8 AA holder and features the same rugged Pelican enclosure as the M1. Unit weighs under 2 lbs

Upgrading your current Minaska game call products will be as easy as determining what style you have and if any modification to the case will be done. Older style units are upgradeable but with the additional filling and drilling there is a small additional cost.

Board upgrade - $200 - includes new memory card loaded with our entire sound library, new 5 year warranty, lifetime of sound download access, free product upgrades via firmware downloads on the website as they become available.

Decoy option is available for the Elite and M1.

5 year warranty

Money back guarantee:
30 days
Steve Borland
Minaska Outdoors, Inc.


30-W/ch into an 8-Ω Load From a 24-V Supply
25-W/ch into an 8-Ω Load From a 20-V Supply
20-W/ch into an 8-Ω Load From a 18-V Supply
10-W/ch into an 8-Ω Load From a 12-V Supply
15-W/ch into an 4-Ω Load From a 12-V Supply
Operates from 10 V to 26 V

What’s going on in the custom shop?

We are working on final design of a call using the 30 Watt TOA with a very durable square housing on the backside containing the circuit board and dual batteries. This call is designed for extreme volume. This same unit will have a few different speaker options available to cover various hunting situations. Removing four thumb screws will allow you to easily install either the 10 Watt TOA or our “NEW” 4” 30 Watt mylar cone speaker mounted on their own housing. You would need to remove one of the batteries while running the 10 Watt TOA as the amplifier will over power it @ 24 Volts. We wanted to offer this design for the guys that may want extreme volume for certain calling situations and still be able to swap speaker and battery configurations and be very compact and self contained all with one call.
Todd Borland
Minaska Outdoors, Inc.

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Re: NEW line of Minaska Game Calls
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2012, 06:37:21 PM »
I still wanna own one of their calls one day.
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