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Started by FinsnFur, December 12, 2008, 05:34:26 PM

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I didn't want to reply to you in the Ecaller giveaway thread about a youth forum because I knew it would lead that thread way off course, when were trying to gather our thoughts regarding the callers.

Here's my opinion on a youth forum, and keep in mind it's just an opinion, we could still have one after a discussion.

I think a youth forum segregates them from us. I would love for more young adults to hop in and share their stories but I dont want them to feel like they have to have their own forum to do it in. I want them to feel like they are a part of the posse sorta speak.

I know, if I for one, was a teenage kid looking to brag about a coyote or deer that I just bagged, I'd surely want to post in with PossumAl's stories, or Tikaani's. I wouldn't want to have to go to the kids forum to tell ya about it. And I'd surely want to be sure they seen it too :laf: Ya know what I'm saying.

That's just my opinion :shrug:

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I'm with Jim on this one 100 % for the same reasons as he stated
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I have to agree, they want to be part of the our forum and show us, their achievements.   I believe they would not get the recognition they deserve, because as adults we would be less likely to visit their site.  I read and look at the pictures of Alexys running her trap line and enjoy them, but I have to admit, if there was a youth link I think I would be less likely to visit, thus missing out on this little girls adventures.

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I know there are merit's to a young hunter board but I'd like to give my reason's why I wouldn't want to see one.
1.  I think of this board as a community and in the community I live in we do social event's as family's, If my kid get's out of line while I'm not looking someone from the community will rebuke them.   Thus they learn the rule's better and respect.  If I were to allow my boy to join this site I'd fully expect the member's of this board to watch what he say's and spank him when he's wrong.
2.  When they do show something that is great I might miss it if it's hidden on a different forum that I don't frequent much, because I think that's what a youth forum is for youth.
3.  Does our moderator's need more to do in checking another forum.

Just my thought's on the matter and I've already been proved to be not be very bright.
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I would like to see more youth join the main forum and show their hunting pics right up here with some of the
more experienced hunters.

I heard an older feller talking about a younger feller one time and he said I ain't never seen it done that way before and he said I like when a kid shows me how to do something  :laf:

I guess what I am saying is we could end up learning something from a kid  :biggrin: let them post where the adults post

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Those are all good points. I'd have to agree with ya. :wo: