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Game Calls / Re: Experiment...
« Last post by FinsnFur on Yesterday at 08:58:23 PM »
Yah it LOOKS kinda sharp. I mean cool  :innocentwhistle:
The Tailgate / Re: Snuffy!
« Last post by FinsnFur on Yesterday at 08:56:07 PM »
I feel like you posted that before :confused:
By the way, those cut away parts to the guy cryin are snippets from when Hillary lost the election. :eyebrownod:
Non Hunting/Fishing Photos / Re: Always something to see
« Last post by FinsnFur on Yesterday at 08:53:28 PM »
Well those turned out decent, how was the chicken? :eyebrow:
Game Calls / Re: Experiment...
« Last post by Yotehntr on Yesterday at 06:17:28 PM »
Thanks Hawk! I did end up putting a mylar reed back in. It was a fun experiment.  Other than the jabs it made to my lips. lol

That's it John, have to play around and try different things now and then. I have several calls on a shelf that I made during my works covid shut down.  Give me a day or so and I'll get some pics together.
Game Calls / Re: Experiment...
« Last post by JohnP on Yesterday at 12:43:31 PM »
Nothing ventured nothing gained.  Are you still turning calls to sell?  Have a few friends who like the ones you made for me.
Game Calls / Re: Experiment...
« Last post by Hawks Feather on Yesterday at 11:39:50 AM »
Awesome looking call even if you had to go back to the original reed.
The Tailgate / Re: Tip of the day
« Last post by bambam on Yesterday at 10:23:12 AM »

 He that despiseth his neighbor sinneth : but he that hath mercy on the poor , happy is he. Proverbs 14:21
The Tailgate / Today in history 3-7
« Last post by remrogers on Yesterday at 09:52:41 AM »
March 07
Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone

On March 7, 1876, 29-year-old Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his revolutionary new invention: the telephone.

The Scottish-born Bell worked in London with his father, Melville Bell, who developed Visible Speech, a written system used to teach speaking to the deaf. In the 1870s, the Bells moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where the younger Bell found work as a teacher at the Pemberton Avenue School for the Deaf. He later married one of his students, Mabel Hubbard.

While in Boston, Bell became very interested in the possibility of transmitting speech over wires. Samuel F.B. Morse’s invention of the telegraph in 1843 had made nearly instantaneous communication possible between two distant points. The drawback of the telegraph, however, was that it still required hand-delivery of messages between telegraph stations and recipients, and only one message could be transmitted at a time. Bell wanted to improve on this by creating a “harmonic telegraph,” a device that combined aspects of the telegraph and record player to allow individuals to speak to each other from a distance.

With the help of Thomas A. Watson, a Boston machine shop employee, Bell developed a prototype. In this first telephone, sound waves caused an electric current to vary in intensity and frequency, causing a thin, soft iron plate–called the diaphragm–to vibrate. These vibrations were transferred magnetically to another wire connected to a diaphragm in another, distant instrument. When that diaphragm vibrated, the original sound would be replicated in the ear of the receiving instrument. Three days after filing the patent, the telephone carried its first intelligible message—the famous “Mr. Watson, come here, I need you”—from Bell to his assistant.
Game Calls / Experiment...
« Last post by Yotehntr on March 06, 2021, 09:20:35 PM »
Well 6 days of retirement and I got to wondering.  :confused:  Years ago I bought a piece of brass .005 thick (shim material) thought it'd make a cool reed. I took my latest favorite little call and pulled the reed out and tried a brass reed.  Absolutely screams! Looks cool as heck too... at 1st. Then I realized every time I dug my tooth in to do a ki-yi it took a little more bend not to mention it poked my lip thought it was going to bleed lol.  Fun failed attempt but it does look kinda cool. Call is buffalo horn barrel and hippo tooth ivory toneboard. My EDC call lol

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The Tailgate / Re: Tip of the day
« Last post by bambam on March 06, 2021, 11:33:34 AM »

 Patriots always talk of dying for their country but never of killing for their country. Bertrand Russell
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