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Fry Bread
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:20:57 PM »
There are many variations of this skillet bread that can be fried on a campfire as well as at home.  The basic ingredients are flour, water and a bit of salt. Variants are unlimited, with buttermilk and many other options.  I love it straight, still hot with butter, or maybe some jam.  Some people make it in flat discs, some make it as big oval lumps sort of like an apple fritter.  For Indian tacos shape it and cook it as a platter sized flat bread and load it up with ground beef, cheese, salsa and whatever you like on tacos.  It's a calorie binge and a good one.

A friend of mine showed me a variant my family liked.  Start with a frozen loaf of bread dough from a store (haven't seen those for awhile but assume they still sell them ready to thaw and bake).   Let it thaw enough to pinch off a lump at least as big as a tennis ball, flatten that and drop in a hot skillet with plenty of oil in it, maybe even deep fry.  Brown to preference and eat with butter, jam or straight.