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Re: Cinnabear.
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Interesting story, to me anyway, mainly because the wardens were so fascinated with the color of the bear. Brown ones must be rare in PA.   Cinnamon colored bears are common in some places, rare in others.  I.e. They are pretty common in Idaho and eastern WA state and in central British Columbia, but I've never seen nor heard of anything but black colored black bears on Vancouver Island. I've heard that brown/red/cinnamon colored bears are more common than black colored ones in much of California.

All that I'm talking about are black bears, of course, no matter what their color.  I killed a few cinnamon ones when we lived in south central BC, plus dark chocolate ones and was a second slow on the trigger on a blonde colored black bear that my partner shot about a second before I got out from the driver's seat and loaded.  My friend was riding shotgun on a springtime cruise to see if the snow had melted enough to open a mountain road.  My wife and I saw a totally blonde one twice near our house but it never let me get a shot off, though we got a good look at it within 20 yards in sunshine once.   We also saw a bluish looking one that they now call glacier bears.  My favorite color of black bear is a brown so dark that it looks black till it moves in the sunlight and gives an auburn sheen.