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Vortex Scopes
« on: October 28, 2008, 08:50:44 PM »
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Re: Vortex Scopes
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 12:12:37 AM »
Vortex Crossfire Review
I was kind of reluctant to order this scope. It is one of Vortex's less expensive scope and to be truthful about the matter I wasn't sure it was going to measure up. However while trying to make up my mind I received a letter from the Social Security Administration that I would be receiving a one time stimulus check of $250.00 as a result of President Obama signing the economic recovery bill - what a great guy he is! Since he is a friend of all gun owners I thought that I would honor him and go ahead and make this purchase, I know he is pleased as is Janet and Eric, two more of my best friends. But enough about the three stooges. A little about the scope: 4-12x40, Field of View at 100 yards is 31' to 10' more than sufficient for a coyote scope. It weighs in at 15oz and has a 1" tube with 1/4" MOA adjustments. I have it mounted on my Rem 7 Predator in 22-250.It arrived in your standard scope box wrapped tightly in bubble wrap which was then covered in a nice soft cloth with the Vortex logo imprinted on it.
Looks like any other Plain Jane scope
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Thought I would put it on my Rem Model 7 Predator in 22-250.
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The end results are fairly impressive.  This represents three five shot groups, two groups are the result of handloads and one is Win factory.  With a little more time spent at the reloading bench I should be able to tighten that group up a little bit more.  I changed power setting a couple of times and it didn't appear to change the point of impact at all.  Should be fine for coyotes the way it is but not PD's out to 500 yards.  I may just give the Sako a rest this season and carry this combo around.

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I think I could recommend this scope without hesitation as a good entry level scope on a mild recoiling rifle.  After the fur season I may mount it on my 270WSM or 7Mag and see how it holds up.  If I do I'll report back later.  I also bought a Vortex Red Dot for my AR but have not shot it yet, when I do I'll give ya a range report.

P.S.  Thank you Mr President for returning my tax money in the form of a "stimulus check" your such a great guy.

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