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Defiance girls can hunt!

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Hawks Feather:
Here are a couple of bucks that were taken just south of town by sisters.  The first girl is a freshman and the second a junior at the high school.  The freshman shot her buck on opening day of youth season while the junior (who has been kept busy with ballet) had to wait till this past Sunday.  They are both great kids.

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Carolina Coyote:
That is impressive both Bucks are wall hangers, glad to see the girls getting involved . Thumbs up for the girls cc

Them are impressive racks on a couple nice bucks for a fact.  I'd be proud to hunt with either of them gals. :highclap:

Very nice deer and a proud dad.

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Rugged bucks!  I like that made in New Hampshire muzzleloader in the first picture to  :yoyo:


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