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I posted this picture on Facebook this past Friday of a coyote my son and I got that morning. As I was driving into work this morning I got to thinking back on my years as a predator hunter. I was recollecting on hunts gone by and it dawned on me that the coyote we got on Friday was just a hundred yards or so from another coyote Drew and I called up many years past. Only that time it was Drew that got to pull the trigger, his first one. I have been trying and trying to get him another but so far it just hasn't happened. I even sat him down Friday and told him where the coyote would come from and what it would do. When it came out, instead of him shooting, he let it come to me. I asked him why didn't he shoot it, he says, "why should I try and shoot it at 200 yards, when you can kill it at 20 yards". He's becoming a real hunter.

A lot of years have flew past since that long gone day. Through the years I just couldn't get Drew interested in coyote hunting like I was. Either that or I wasn't being the dad I should have been and inviting him to go with me more often. Back then I was all business when I was in the woods. Just didn't take the time to smell the roses, or the stinky coyotes. I let a lot of years pass, not spending time and hunting together, like I should have. But the good Lord has blessed me with time to do that now.

Here is the picture of the coyote we got this past Friday. Drew is 22 years old in this picture.

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Here is one from a long time ago. Drew's first coyote 10 years old.

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Here is another picture of the same day only a couple of stands later. We wound up with two that morning.

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I look forward to watching Drew become a better predator hunter and I intend to be there helping him every chance I get. Sorry to go on and on, just having a little nostalgic moment.

Haaa, thats pretty cool.  :thumb2:

One of the best posts on the internet Ronnie!! I never could get my Son interested in hunting.

Great story! I wasn't blessed with a son and my daughter never took to hunting.
But I have taking many youth hunting and had a great time sharing memory's with them.

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Great pics and story, Ronnie.  I sort of feel the same with my son (would like to spend more time hunting with him).  I think it's more on them than us, though.  He knows he's welcome anytime he wants to hunt, but would prefer to spend time with his friends.  I feel being a good dad is giving him the opportunity to go, but the choice not to.  Now that is, of course, while I feel he's not headed down the wrong path. 
     Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool he passed on the 200 yd shot to allow you the sure thing - don't think my boy would make THAT choice  :laf:


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