Author Topic: A fast and easy way to tie flies with some revolutionary new material  (Read 1085 times)

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Look up an outfit called Fair Flies.  I won't make it a hot link because the owner/founder is a friend and  I hope I am not bending advertising rules even by mentioning it.

Fair Flies assembles various fur, legs, feathers, whatever:  and twists them all into one fuzzy strand with a very fine diameter center.  They call it a brush.  You make one wrap or sometimes just tie a quarter inch length of the brush to a hook or jig and voila!  Instant fly.  There is no wrapping and holding in place and tying one color or kind of material onto the hook one layer at a time.  And it makes a GOOD lure that catches fish.

Last week a couple of friends did a test fishing morning on a nearby creek that had Coho salmon coming up it, and the new material outfished the standard rabbit fur strip 9 to nothing.  The owner uses fine fur, made to his standards, that pulses more easily in the water. 

Now here is a big kicker:  all of the flies and fly tying material is made by people who have come out of human trafficking, and they get paid at a level to give them a living and dignity.  Most of them are in Nepal, the 4th poorest nation on earth, and Fair Flies can make a profit even when paying them several times the going rate in Nepal.  They work as owners of a co-op and sell stuff to Fair Flies.  The brushes seem expensive till you realize you only need from a quarter of an inch to at most an inch to make a great fly.  They sell more than 100 colors. 

The fellow who owns  Fair Flies was a mentee of mine years ago during a training program I ran.  I am proud of him.

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