Author Topic: AND the bear curse continues  (Read 354 times)

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AND the bear curse continues
« on: April 25, 2020, 05:19:48 PM »
Up at 3:30 dressed eat and head to the boy's house My turn to drive.
Hooked up the trailer loaded the two snowmobiles and a pelican sled.
On the road at ten to five.
Dead calm and 43* looking good.
100 miles later and we are backing up to a snowdrift to unload.
The sun was well up by now and very sunny. No other people in sight, no sign of sledders in the past week. Dang, I was pumped and itchen to get going and shoot a bear.
We where driving logging roads and snowmobile trails till around 10:30, we cut some tracks. Not still standing in them tracks but we guessed a few hours old.
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Parked the sleds and grabbed our stuff and followed the tracks to the edge of the park and set and glassed.
About 30 minutes in I see a bear...
Across a monsters valley and it was heading up the other side.
WAY too far to pursue on foot. My boy checked the GPS and saw there was a road/trail up in the ridge above him, we had a chance to get in front of him. From the tracks, it looked like a good bear.
 Back to our sleds and go.
I remember when we left I saw My son look back at his ride and hesitate for a second but never thought anything about it.
We hop on and start to go, well I did anyway.
His would not move??? Frozen? maybe we shook it and still nothing.
I came around back and gave him a shove with the other, couldn't get it to move, what? A bear insight, a way to get to it, 15 miles from the truck and a brake down, ( Can we say bear curse?)
The transmission forward / revise seamed to be the culprit.
He said when he shut it down it felt odd. In revise, it would just grind and forward the track was locked up, now what?
Here is how we pulled it out.
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Put the track up on our pull sled, I pulled with a strap and he steered.
Dang, up and down a windy mountain trail out to a road we had no idea if we could be on.
Then he jumped on the running sled ( he can drive faster and better than I) and sped back from where we came. Left the running S' mobile got the truck and trailer and headed down the highway looking for the road. The GPS showed him the right one and up he came, just because it's a graveled road does not mean it's driveable.
But He made it to me and we got it turned around with the trailer.
 Then manhandled the broken snowmobile on. The bear by now was three counties away and just a fading memory.
Well, another bear hunt under our belt, and we made it to the highway without wrecking all's good.
Next time...

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Re: AND the bear curse continues
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2020, 07:46:20 PM »
You had a mighty fine day whipsawed into a bad one.  Doggone.  Great company, great country, found a bear, creative fix on the breakdown...  a lot better day than most folks in New York or most places on the planet had.  :congrats:

Keep after them!