Author Topic: Ladner Yellow Blackmouth Cur pups  (Read 16495 times)

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Re: Ladner Yellow Blackmouth Cur pups
« Reply #60 on: April 24, 2008, 11:41:14 PM »
That hard headiness could be a learned trait.  Musta got it off the wife.   

Yep! That's what I say! :biggrin: But just don't tell

The ADC work has been good the last couple weeks, lots of Ground Hogs under buildings and houses. I got two diff rent groups of baby's today. 2 in one hole and 4 in another. The were about 6" long or so. I will get a few pic today sometime and post them.

Lots of coon calls coming in now as well. Finished up two jobs today and start two more tomorrow. I even broke down and went and got a snake today! Man I hate snakes! :whew:

I think me and Ole Dixie are going to buds for sure.  :biggrin: Wife says I spend more time with the DAMN dog than I do in the :rolleye:

JD's dog Buck is doing well to! Seems to have taking a liking to his new home!