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Started by nastygunz, May 31, 2022, 11:14:04 PM

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I never got to see the article.I was drowned with ads. :doh2:
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Quote from: FinsnFur on June 02, 2022, 09:41:29 PMI never got to see the article.I was drowned with ads. :doh2:

Hate that kind of bait and switch when they offer info and give you ads instead.

The 9 year old girl was at a family church camp of some kind, on a walk with two friends when the cat attacked her. NE Washington State, near Spokane. The friends ran for help.  The cougar was still there when they got back but was no longer attacking the girl, who was in critical condition with injuries to face and upper body.  She was airlifted to a hospital in Spokane.  An unnamed man at the camp shot and killed the cougar with his handgun.  The girl was out of a coma by sometime today, sounded like she was improving.  Game dept. said that it was a young male cougar.  In the photo, it looks to me like it still has a trace of juvenile spot or band inside one front leg, but am not sure about that.


I have been mauled by a few house cats I can imagine what a cougar could do to you especially if you're a little kid!


The little girl who was attacked by the cougar near Spokane is one tough and brave gal.  A biologist and a hound man invited her to go along to tree a collared cougar, and she did, handling the cougar and collar.  I cannot figure out how to copy and post the pic of her with the sedated cat but here is a link.