Yak’less no more.

Started by Todd Rahm, June 08, 2022, 05:52:59 PM

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Todd Rahm

Finally joined the big leagues with Jim!! And with any luck will get to fish with him once or twice a year. I do need small mouth fishing lessons, as I don't think I have ever caught one.

Just need to get her decked out and adjusted to my style of fishing.......when I figure that out? You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment. 


That thing is sic! :eyebrownod:
I'm so glad you chose a Jackson. And I think your going to be too. :congrats:
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shiver me timbers! That thing is nicer then the ships I served on in the Navy :yoyo:

Todd Rahm

Weighs about the same as those ships too.  :doh2:


Wow!  Beauty of a boat!


My go to smallmouth bass lures, 4 inch powerbait worm in black and pumpkinseed, Yum Dingers in black and pumpkinseed. For fly rod big brown wooly bugger, looks exactly like a fleeing crawfish when you strip it backwards with a fly rod. and any kind of surface popper with a fly rod.

Hawks Feather

That looks like a lot of fun. I have only paddled two kayaks one was pretty light weight and the second heavier. If I were buying one I would definitely go heavy over light. But then again, I am no expert.

Todd Rahm

Jerry, I think I would fall out before this thing tipped over. It comes in at 140 lbs with out any of my stuff on it, and has about a 500 lb capacity. It moves through the water like a rocket and turns pretty darn quick. It's my first peddle kayak, so I can't really tell you where it's at in the ball bark with others. The guys on the lake thought I had a motor on it though.

Thanks Nasty, I'll look in to those.


ever since kayaks became popular I hardly ever see a canoe out on the water anymore.

Hawks Feather

Todd, it sounds like you have a winner there.

Nasty, as for canoes, I have three. One carbon fiber solo that has not been in the water in over 10 years. I should sell it, but I really like it.


Maybe its kayak time?