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Started by 1snafu, June 24, 2022, 05:37:22 PM

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Bear with me Jim. I've had a few strokes & remembering crap I should know. Not so easy anymore.




You knew how to do it the whole time. You just didnt know it.  :laf:
It's THAT simple
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Last time I was on here. I was hunting me a lion. Well to date no cigar. However, no quit in me until I get one or check out, whichever. I've seen a few since 06. 1st lion I had permission to hunt that land. Lion was sitting 3/8 mile out looking across a wide valley. Terrain was all open rolling hills. Except where that lion was sitting. Lion was adjacent to a large section of standing corn & the Sun was setting fast. That corn did not get picked before the snow storm had hit. Of course (See; Murphy's law).

I found if I recall correctly 5 lion tracks since 06. I want me a lion bad. As I view them the apex predator in my geographical area. They are here & have always been here imo. But their numbers have slowly risen over the decades. I've collected lion sighting data since 06. From many people. Some were acreage owners, some were farmers & some were hunters. Et some were joe citizen.

Back around 06-07. I spoke with a lion hunter from Az. As I wanted insight as to their behaviors. I questioned him in depth on the phone. He told me a territorial (male) lion. Will travel his territory around every 2wks or so. I found that not to be accurate as per the lion sightings in my county & neighboring counties. 3 counties I focused on. Held 1 male & 2 breeding females. While I collected sighting & livestock attack data. I spoke with many people. Close to 80 or so since 06. A few of those people seen more than 2 lions traveling together. I'll take just (1) please. I aint's greedy. haha

Bad part is because of Winter snow storms & other days of drifting snow. Getting on a fresh track. Isn't so easy. Snow track I posted was from a large lion. Track was less than 24hrs old. Because I searched that area of that track the day before. Track was found along a timbered river bottom.

Maybe I'm getting desperate? (I'm not getting any younger...rolls eyes) As I've spent so many yrs trying to get on a fresh track. I may stoop so low. I may opt for hammering me a feral cat instead. Cats is cats, I've heard. Kinda like penquins, eh.


Lion track from the (snow print) above. I (est) this track to be near 4.5" wide. I suspect it is from
the large territorial male that has been seen in the area numerous times.