Lost Leatherman returned after two years

Started by Okanagan, June 22, 2022, 10:39:46 PM

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Two years ago opening morning of elk season my son, D, found a leatherman on a log beside a dead end old logging road.  A red SUV had driven past our camp and toward the end of the road the night before, and driven out again about 3:00 AM.  Son found the tool the next day, at a spot where an elderly rockhound couple dig.  D took the leatherman figuring to return it to the couple if they had left it. No other vehicles had driven in at that point.

On Father's Day earlier this week, he finally ran into the old couple, digging at the same spot.  I had encountered them on another road last elk season, and talked with them a bit but had forgotten all about the leatherman.  D called to the couple out in the woods and asked if they used to drive a red SUV.  They said that they did. 

D asked if they had lost a leatherman.  Yes, they had.   "It's been a good one," D said with a smile in his voice. "Would you like it back?"

Yes, they would, so he held it up and put it on the same log where they had left it.

"Nice PR with some of the only people who drive up this road,"  I said when we got back in our rig. 

"That was my intent," he replied.  He uses a leatherman daily in his work and goes through about one per year, and had no idea if this was the same one they lost. 


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That shows the type of person that he is - just like his father.


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I enjoyed the light teasing and banter between my son and the couple, and was trying to capture that.  Kind of fun to watch, didn't think much about it otherwise. One of those spices in life, both the conversation and getting something back after so long.  Since elk season is in Fall and it is now June it has been more like  a year and a half since they left it.

  Sometimes we leave stuff where we find it, if we think people are likely to come back looking for it.  The way this leatherman lay on a log beside the road, the next vehicle in there would probably take it so D picked it up because he thought he likely knew who left it.  We never have gotten their names or where they live, nor vice versa.

And we've got lost stuff we found without ever finding an owner.   :shrug:  :biggrin: