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Friend got a lion his first calling stand

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We are in between events here this Christmas day so have time to post a tale.

A “kid” who grew up with my son got a cougar his first set with a brand new e-caller.  D texted us on Dec. 21 that he had just bought himself an early Christmas present, an Icotec Outlaw.  He phoned my son asking how to call lions and then phoned me.  We put him in touch with Steve at Rainshadow who got him fixed up with lion vocals, a how to video and gave him some more tips.

On Dec.23 he texted that he was going out toward Mt. Baker to look for lion tracks in snow.  No tracks so he did a cold call to practice using his new e-caller.  He hiked 80 yards down from a contour logging road in open timber and set up with the caller and decoy partly hidden in a hollow log.  He sat 40 yards to one side, level with the e-caller.  He started with hare distress, then Rainshdow lion whistles, back and forth.  At 40 minutes with nothing happening he decided he would quit at 45, and started playing other sounds for the last five minutes to practice with his new caller.  He played a sound called Caterwaul, that came on the Icotec. 

Within 20 seconds a lion marched straight down the hillside above the caller and stood over it looking down into the open log.  D raised his Browning lever .243 as the cat passed behind a stump.  He was looking at it through the scope as it stood over the caller, but the log hid its vitals.

The cat got wary and went back up the hill.   D thought he was going to have to take a shot at it moving through timber but it made a left turn and walked straight toward him.  It crossed a stream between them and kept coming but most of its body was behind a log.  He waited till it crossed the log and shot it in the front of the chest at 14 yards.

It leaped straight up and ran downhill.  He found it 150 yards below, lying dead in the bottom of the draw.  He tried to carry it three times but it was too heavy so he had to drag it.  Mature female.

Ever eat one?


--- Quote from: nastygunz on December 25, 2020, 02:30:18 PM ---Ever eat one?

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Yep.  We have eaten several.  Best meat there is according to the mountain men.

It is pale, somewhat like pork, turns white when cooked, is tender and takes flavors well.  Cougar chops in mushroom gravy is mighty fine, as are cougar medallions with some bacon and mushrooms with skillet eggs. 

Thats a nice cat!!



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