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Went out antlerless elk hunting a bunch the last month.  It makes hunting them a little tougher if ya wanna go for a specific type as I did cause I wanted good young meat so decided I'd only shoot at a yearling cow.  I've also only wanted to shoot one from my own land which really limits a fellow with one 1/4 that has elk traffic.  On Friday I got the shot I wanted from my land even though the elk was 100 yds out on the neighboring property.  243 barked, elk went down but did require a head shot to make her quit breathing.
Where she quit.
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Where she was finished and the crew that helped remove her hide. :biggrin:
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A lot of folk set in this old house of mine that I was sitting 400 yds from.
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Elk is cut up and will also make about 100 lbs of pepperoni's and fresh sausage shortly.

This should give us ample meat for the winter as the tall dude in the after pic who is my son that lives at home yet doing school from home had shot one of the biggest cow moose in our area[neighbor who loaded her with his tractor said she was the biggest of the eleven he had on his bucket this year].
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Now for the best part and a pic to show it, was when the lad had got back to his truck and met me at the approach into the 1/4 where his moose lay.
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Trust me when I say I damb near peed myself laughing when I saw the scope bite as he shoots a 243 as well.  Frick did he get mad at me for laughing and I told him to get over that as anyone who should happen to see him would laugh too.  Sure enough a neighbor and his FIL showed up a couple minutes later and they as well were rolling in mirth.  Lucky young pooh never even felt it and after washing couldn't even tell it happened but was a good experience for him.LOL

Hawks Feather:
Congrats on the meat.  Seems like you should be good till at least spring.  With you living in Canada and all, aren't you supposed to be neck deep in snow?  But then, maybe that global warming is happening.  😉

 I get scope bite on my .22 Long rifle I have weak wrists  :innocentwhistle: :wink:

Man, I like the way you folks do elk and moose!  That's a good looking crew and looks like a fun time working together on the meat.  For some reason, we razz and joke a lot when skinning and cutting meat.

Love the scope bite!  Classic!  Those are a badge of Earned Experience. 


 Awesome Barry !!  You'll eat good this winter .  :yoyo:


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