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Nice Barry.  :congrats: Do you do anything with the elk and moose hides, other than throw them away?


 I like them classic pick up trucks in the photos !

Very nice!

I've been wanting to go antlerless elk hunting for a long time. If my back holds out, I figure my boys and I will go sometime.

Jerry the snow in them pics came on Nov 6th and since then it has been nothing but drought and wind.

Nasty the weak wrists was funny and them classic trucks is what I/Donny drive.  The one he is in was free from an old neighbor who finally got mad enough at it to just give it away, as he said the SOB would always get him to the field/pasture but never get him home again.  Changed the ECM with one from our parts department and it has not died since.

Oke as you know full well hunting elk/moose here is a whole different game than what you guys do and I appreciate the work you put into it.  I can't help but chuckle everytime I look at the pic of the bite.

Bam as one who has known you for a spell, I think we both eat a little to good.

Pat I have a few elk/moose hides tanned in the basement I/we use for projects and have sent a couple to friends who never get a chance at them.  One of my favorite uses for them is to put the hide over a pole on the edge of a bush with the head held up with other poles/sticks.  Listening to gunfire in the general area always makes me smile.

Mike go hunting for them as it is fun but where I hunt it is a necessity to have permission on a lot of private land as them plicks think nothing of going for a 10 mile run.

Made 50 pounds of pepperoni that I'm sure we will need to lock up as Don already went through the 25 lbs we made from his moose.  This elk is soooo tender that a knife is not really required.

Pat, I had a couple of calf elk hides tanned with hair on and they sure are pretty, blends of coffee and cream shaded to edges in blacks and reds.  My sister had one I gave her on her wall for years.  Like deer hair, an elk hide with hair on does not wear well if used much rather than just looked at.

Pitw, we'd hunt elk in easier places if we could be as successful.  Bravo to you.  I am envious, and might manage to kill a few in my dotage years, if in your area.  My son started hunting our canyons over 20 years ago and it is a mixed adventure to this day.  He knows the terrain and general animal patterns well for many square miles.  OTOH it is the worst place to hunt elk that I know of, though there are probably worse.  Very few elk in very steep, thick and wet terrain.  A good side is that it is so thick and steep with so few animals that almost nobody else hunts it, even in a populous state like Washington. 

I think I posted before about a spike bull elk I killed that had spent the summer and Fall in a barley field.  Amazingly tasty and tender, like your elk up there in the grain fields.


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