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Cougar I called last month now dead: the rest of the story


A cougar came in to a night bobcat calling stand I made last month.  It was not legal to shoot at night and I managed not to see it as it stood in the middle of a moonlit, snow covered road at 28 yards.

I knew cougar researchers had collared a large tom in that area so I asked and they told me that the lion I’d called was the collared male.  GPS pings put that cat in the right place at the right time.  Interesting.

It killed some goats a few days ago and the Game department killed it.  The same hound man who treed it to collar it treed it for the officers to kill it.  It weighed 150 lbs., a big tom.  The goats were 12 miles west of where I’d called it.

It killed several pygmy goats that were inside a strong six foot high fence.  It jumped out of the pen while carrying one of the 25 lb. goats.

Hawks Feather:
I have only seen one that wasn't in a zoo, but they sure appear to be just one big ball of muscle.

They coulda waited until it got all the goats. :doh2:

Hawks Feather:

--- Quote from: pitw on March 30, 2021, 01:55:39 PM ---They coulda waited until it got all the goats. :doh2:

--- End quote ---

Or sent it to me to take care of the feral cats.


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