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Finally got off the sidewalk.


This has been one very weird spring so far as weather goes.
In lieu of it all I managed to find another day warm enough to slip out on the river with the kayak. I think this is the second time this year. I'm off to a slow start LOL
I was out there for 6 hours. Worst fishing I've had in many months.

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Being out is good. :highclap: :highclap:

Hawks Feather:
Being out on the water is always good.  Well, unless there are high winds.  I don't know what your weather prediction is, but we are to have a high of 63 today and 3 to 4 inches of snow starting tomorrow night.  I would think that it would melt fairly fast since the high on Wednesday is 40, but who knows.  While I don't mind the snow, the drop in temp overnight might play havoc with the fruit trees.

The fishing is ALWAYS good. The catching, maybe not so much.


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