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WT's Mighty Atom

Started by Bopeye, October 22, 2010, 12:37:55 AM

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Anyone have, use or know much about this caller? I was looking at it from a guy selling them, but would like to hear a little something from some folks that have used them or own one.
Can you get any sounds you want from the WT sound library or do you have to use the so called "Recommended Eastern Sounds"?

Please don't start telling me about a Foxpro or any other caller in this thread. I don't care, nor am I interested in hearing about them. If I was, I would have asked.
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Jimmie in Ky

Been so long since I heard of a Wt caller I forgot for sure who owns it. But isn't the owner of hte company that trash mouth Bill Martz?


Yep, but that in no way helps me with my earlier inquiry.
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Never heard of them but I need to get my post count up.  If'n it don't play "Dixie",I wouldn't buy it, oh yeah I forgot, I wouldn't buy it anyway :nono:.
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I have heard of the Atom but that is all, just heard about it. I would think you would be able to get any sound that WT has to offer on any WT call.  At least that is the way I was lead to belive on teh WT website. I know comparing a the foxpoop and a WT the WT wins hands down. Them WT's are loud and crystal clear.

Sorry if I wernt any help, trying to get my post count up ya know
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I have heard good things about the mighty Atom, but have never seen one in person.
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The Atom is a pretty good caller, and Bill does have a pretty good library of damn good sounds of which you can have your pick. The down side for me is I can't reprogram it myself. I have some very good sounds I've gathered over the years I like to use.
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I have a friend that has one and he likes it a bunch.  But like Dan said you can't program it, must send it back to the company.   
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