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Showcase Call by Dogwood Creek Calls.

Started by Dogwood Creek, May 01, 2007, 04:31:06 AM

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Quote from: FinsnFur on June 02, 2007, 07:58:30 PMYah congrats VV on the new toy  :biggrin:
What a putz.  :huh:  :doh2:  :roflmao:  StrayCat got it Jimbo. You were skimming the thread weren't ya. :nofgr:

StrayCat: You're most welcome! ;yes;  A little hint on the instructions ... have a drink of choice ready when ya get it figured out. :eyebrownod:  An inside joke between RJ & I & if you bring it to the LBL so I can see it (& kick my butt some more for letting it go) I'll let ya in on it. :eyebrow:

Thanks for the appreciation fellers. Means a lot! :biggrin:

Dogwood Creek

Sure Stray, I'll send instructions.  V.V got it figured out :confused: :wo: :whew: Now, I realize he is an extreamly talented and intelligent individual. Not your average duck for sure. Be careful letting him near it at the L.B.L. I can picture you chasing him around with him hollering MINE, MINE , MINE!  :roflmao: That would be a hoot!  You will do just fine with the yelper. After the first couple drafts on it, it is all down hill. :wink:


Very nice call, I finally got my first (spring) tom this year. Turkey hunting is second only to coyote hunting, a much shorter season, if you get a tag.
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RJ,just got the call today, Awsome work as always ! It's a little easier than I thought it would be but still a challange. Thanks alot I appreciate it.  :bowingsmilie:

  P.S.  Thanks Vic for passing on this..........it's a beauty !!
:yahoo: :yahoo:
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Dogwood Creek

You are very welcome my friend. Glad to do it. Just remember to be careful showing it to V.V. down in the LBL.  :wink:


Really glad for ya Joel. ;yes;  RJ does great work doesn't he. :wink:  He does tend to worry to much. You go ahead & bring that yelper to the LBL so I can at least get to see it first hand. :eyebrow:

Maybe he just doesn't me to tell ya the little story. :wo:   :eyebrownod:  :laf: