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Why is it?

Started by Coulter, December 07, 2022, 04:10:29 PM

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You go squirrel hunting you see deer...
You go duck hunting you see deer...

You go deer hunting and all you see is ducks and squirrels.

I may have to go back in that swamp for ducks...I've been wanting to for years and just never have. They were pretty vocal mallards today. Fun to just watch and listen.


Yep.  I haul a rifle around in my rig just so I won't have a cougar stand beside a logging road and stare at me.  It is Kryptonite for game, insurance against seeing a legal critter you want to tag.   :huh:



I was down on the border this AM looking for rabbits and quail and all I  found were future Democrat voters.
When they come for mine they better bring theirs


I love stalking greenheads, I like jump shooting them, Im like Marshal Dillon with a shotgun.... :innocentwhistle: .....maybe Festus?


I know what you mean. I tried to call some coons the other day, and was overrun by these guys:

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Squirrel gravy  !!!!!!!!!!


It's all part of the Russian conspiracy Steve :readthis:
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Guess I'll have to wait until I can get the muzzleloader out. What a crappy season this has turned out to be. Still having a lot of fun out there,  but man it's nice to at least see something once and a while. :wo:


I was hoping to get out on friday for some squirrels as the local hardwoods are overran.  friday now is calling for bad weather.  This years deer seasons were pretty dismal compared to years past.  yesterday afternoon I got a bunch of deer pictures in a spot that hasn't had hardly any activity the past two weeks during rifle season which is unusual.  Im hoping flintlock is good to me. 
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I've been out setting traps the last two days now that deer season is closed here. Guess what I saw both days in shooting range...DEER :doh2:

I'm going back with my muzzleloader when it opens up. Good luck Ben!