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Please read before posting!

Started by keekee, April 05, 2007, 03:01:43 PM

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Asking for feedback and getting it

Call Makers - If you post a call on here asking for feedback, make sure that's what you want.  :sneer:
We cant all give positive feedback. If we have to rely on a dictatorship to regulate what we can and cant say we all just as well go back to PM   :alscalls: :doh2:

Members - Most of these call makers know not everyone is going to like what they post, design, or ask? That's all part of the feedback process. If they want everyone to love everything they do, they will be asking their mothers and not us.  :wink:

Some members are afraid of hurting someones feelings or ticking someone off if they post negative feedback (when asked for feedback) Negative, constructive feedback helps these call makers become what they are..... literally. Think about it. If your constantly praising  junk...the guy is going to continue to make junk.  :shrug:
Give your honest input, help the makers better themselves and their calls.

ALSO....the ability to post polls has been granted to members with Reg Member status and higher, in this forum, for call makers to offer the option for you to give feed back anonymously.