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Unlucky 13...

Started by HuntnCarve, August 02, 2017, 01:12:19 PM

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Pretty much the same scenario with this guy.  Just happened to look out the deck door at lunch time, only to see what I thought was a grey squirrel shuffling through above HH 1-1/2?  The binos told me otherwise!  It was a very grey hog doing a little excavating at the gateway to HH 1-1/2... Grabbing up the .25 Cricket, I chambered a round while laying the rifle across the deck rail.  Dang it!  The sun was shining right down on top of me, causing a very poor view through the scope.  Meantime, Mr. Hog would periodically dip down out of sight.  I regained my field of view by cupping my hand over the scope lens, just in time to see the hog inch down the hill a bit.  He stopped to scratch his shoulder for a brief few seconds, but it was all I needed.  I quickly aimed on his ear and squeezed off the trigger.  At the shot the hog collapsed.  He gave a few sporadic kicks, then slowly rolled off the mound.  He was DRT!

Upon retrieving the hog I noticed what looked like little yellow layers of shelf fungi growing under his chin?  His entire belly was bald from mange, along with his shoulder.  You can see it in the photo.  It gave a very "grey" cast to him.  No wonder he was scratching.  I was glad I had a set of rubber coated gloves on my hands.  I did not examine this hog too closely, as he was pretty gross!  The yellow like layers might have been puss encased hair?  I did not feel like doing a post mortem, but quickly disposed of him.  I feel I truly did this one a favor.  He was "unlucky No. 13 for the year.


Hawks Feather

Without reading your post my first thought was from the way it looks it is good this one is dead.  Then the description started and I found myself wondering if you have remembered your trusty rubber gloves.



SOunds like his nick name fit him in more ways then one.
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