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.410 thunder!

Started by nastygunz, October 25, 2020, 01:07:39 PM

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 There's nothing more satisfying than sitting in the woods and having one of those little red squirrels scolding you nonstop and blasting his little red ass 😇👍. Gun is a Tristar .410 semi.


I say what I think not think what I say.


 You can have a good meal if you shoot 40 or 50 of them  :innocentwhistle:


Boy they still look small way over there. Our are twice that size.
I love the stock on your 410 :eyebrow:
I thought about going out squirrel hunting last weekend but all the wood in my yard waiting to be split keeps glaring at me.
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 Invite your daughters over for dinner and put them right on the wood pile ha ha  :yoyo: