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Ego cost hunter an elk

Started by Okanagan, January 27, 2024, 07:19:29 PM

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A friend of mine told me that his ego cost him an elk during his late Dec. cow permit season.  He had taken some kids elk hunting with him, his youngest and some extended family teens, just driving around during their Christmas-New Year's school vacation.

They came on a herd of elk 30 yards off of a logging road.  He thought it would be cool to shoot an elk with his pistol, maybe showing off a bit for the kids, so he pulled his .357 revolver out of a case instead of taking his rifle.  Meanwhile the elk got nervous and moved off the open right of way into the timber, now 60 yards away.  He limits himself to confident shots up to 35 yards with his pistol on big game, though I know he is very good at longer ranges. 

He followed the elk to the edge of the timber and they moved away from him, keeping about 60 yards away from him as they moseyed into the forest.  That would be an easy shot with his rifle-- which was in his pick-up.  His rueful grin told as much as his words


QuoteHis rueful grin told as much as his words

I can only imagine  :alscalls:
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