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The good ole days

Started by 1snafu, May 07, 2024, 08:19:15 AM

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Most of my predator hunting experience. Has been spot/stalking since 1964. That is the hunting form I was introduced to, by our Dad & his 2 hunting buds. I hunted with them until I got my driver's license. Then branched off on my own. To have my own personal hunts & to hone my stalking skills. Needless to say, I made my share of mistakes. But they taught me what not to do for the most part. I came to understand the great sense's of a fox & coyotes natural abilities. Over coming a coyotes, sense of hearing was one of the hardest. I've found most coyotes hearing ability is top shelf. Not only that but most coyote are tuned into their hunt areas/territories.

Sneaking in on one that is bedded down for example. That coyote is stationary & not making any noise as it walks around. So the least sound it can often pick up from long range. IF...IMO, that sound does not sound natural. That coyotes ears will pivot towards that sound. Et remain aimed at it for quite awhile. Especially if that least sound continues. Such as a stalker creeping in closer.

Early-mid 80's the coyote pop was very high in my hunt areas. I would see anywhere from lower 60's up into the lower/mid 80's, coyotes per season. One Winter rather than just observing them in their natural setting. That Winter if I recall, I seen 84 coyotes. I decided to stalk in on 20 of them. Which were bedded down. I was only able to kill 14 out of that 20. So batting near 75% for my stalking skills. I didn't figure that wasn't to bad.

Since the early & mid 1980's. The coyote populations have declined. I doubt I ever see those high counts again. Things have changed & not for the good, I figure. I long for the good ole days.


Did the population decline or did they get witty? :eyebrow:
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