Author Topic: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".  (Read 2315 times)

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"Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« on: May 27, 2017, 10:02:43 AM »
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“Be careful you don’t knock the call off the railing!”  my wife commented as I headed on out to the deck to take a few photos of a new call I had finished.  “Yeah, I’ll be careful” I replied thinking back a few weeks ago when I watched in horror as a small hand call I was photographing rolled off the railing to the bushes below.  The call was fine, having landed in the wife’s flowers down below.  She would not have even known if she had not caught me batting around in her flower garden, uttering assorted curse words.  The scolding I received was a distant memory, and the flowers bounced back like no one had even dropped at call into them.  “ All is well that ends well.”
Back to the business at hand.  I had managed to snap off a few photos of the call, when my eye wandered to HH1-1/2 down the hill.  “That grey blob was not there a few moments ago?”   I thought I thought to myself?  “Who are you talking to?” my wife yelled from inside the kitchen.  Note to self:  –[Need to work on my silent talking skills].   Not having the binos on me, I decided to zoom in with the camera on the mysterious blob.  About then reaching for my camera, my nimble hands “butter fingered” the call I had just removed from the railing!  Luckily, my super honed “Call Fumbling Recovery System” [C.F.R.S. for short] kicked in and made a miraculous save!   Meanwhile, down the hill, the grey blob was mesmerized by the comical antics taking place 25 yards up above him. 
About this time, the wife had taken up a spot inside the screen door to capture any potential “I told you so” moments her beloved spouse may provide.-  Being that history does tend to repeat itself in this neck of the woods.   “Out of the way woman” I gasped as I worked my way around her.  “I think there’s a hog down below?”  Grabbing the binos I confirmed  my suspicions!  “Did I just see your C.F.R.S.  in operation a few seconds ago?  She said to the dust cloud of her passing husband as I raced for the rifle.  “Must be mistaken” I hollered back over my shoulder as I turned the corner. 
Rifle now in hand, I slid on out to the deck railing and looked for said hog.  “Where the heck is he?”  Aw yes!  There he is, still sitting there, I believe belly laughing at the show going on up above.  Carefully, I settled the crosshairs between his eye and ear, and pressed the trigger.  “Plop!”   The precisely placed slug wiped the mirth right out of him!  He obliged by rolling over onto his back DRT! 
It was another big boar.  After snapping a few photos at the scene of the crime, I donned a glove and carried him up to “Photo Rock” for the formal posed camera shot.  “Don’t knock him off the rock” a voice from above teased.  “Oh for Pete’s sake!” cut me some slack!”  I retorted, just in time to see Hog No.8 attempt a slow barrel roll off the rock…Yes, history does have a way of repeating itself around here.  Let’s hope it rewards me with more hog opportunities.  Until next time. Good shooting!

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Re: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2017, 10:59:08 AM »
 :laf: :laf: :laf: :laf: Great story!

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Re: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2017, 12:07:00 PM »
Feet in the air!  Love it.

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Re: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2017, 10:05:03 PM »
I always enjoy the wifey parts. :laf:
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Re: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2017, 05:35:51 AM »
I love reading your story's!

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Re: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2017, 06:19:09 AM »
Good shooting, but an even better story.


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Re: "Back Deck Anxiety Moments".
« Reply #6 on: May 29, 2017, 09:16:16 AM »
 :alscalls: Love the pose!
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