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Have you tasted Cosmic Crisp apples? Fabulous!

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Cosmic Crisp is a red apple with faint light colored stars developed by Washington State University for Washington growing climate.  They lucked into a fabulous apple!  It is explosively crisp, juicy, and has the best of apple flavor with none of the detracting "side tastes".  I have heard that it keeps well.

Not many orchards are growing it yet, and the local price is $3.49/lb. when we can find it  !! Three fifty a pound for apples!  And it disappears off of the shelves so that it is hard to find.  Most grocery stores can't get it.  I bought one apple to try... and we are hooked.  My wife is our apple gourmet, and she flat out loves this apple. 

A WSU researcher said that about one or two apples out of hundred new varieties are any good to eat, but they hit this one out of the park!

WSU has top notch ag and veterinary schools, and each year they produce a special cheese from their dairy department called Cougar Gold.  Zowie it is good.  Limited batch each year and it sells out fast. I need to see if I can reserve some online from next year's batch. 

FWIW in the public interest. :wink:

Hawks Feather:
Around here Honey Crisp are the ones I like best.  They are $7.00 for a three pound bag.  I mentioned your Cosmic Crisp to my wife and told her not to look for them yet, but maybe in time.



My favorite apple is called "pie"...😇

Honey crisp here :eyebrownod:

 I like a good old native apple off a tree that's been frozen when you're sitting out deer hunting  :biggrin:


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