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Big fresh spotted shrimp

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Grandson Cody showed up at suppertime last evening with a big bag of fresh shrimp, right off the boat, less than 3 hours since alive and on ice ever since. They are huge shrimp.  I’d call them prawns but they are spotted shrimp, orange and white with stripes on the torso.  All but one for show were tails only. We shucked 15 or 20 to taste cook. (A dozen family had happened by and were standing around the yard when Code arrived).  Sautéed them in butter, didn’t overcook.  Zowie good!  Best shrimp I’ve ever tasted, a sweet robust flavor and firm texture, like lobster, maybe better. We will cook the rest this evening for an extended family get together.

Would love to post a pic but very hampered.

Hawks Feather:
That sure sounds great.  I love shrimp.

Burp!  (Report on supper.)

This thread is Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Approved!🍴🍽🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤

One of my favorites, sauteed in butter with garlic and onions.


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